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At Sugar Land Birth, I strive to provide new parents with all the information they need in order to make decisions together during pregnancy, labor, and the delivery of their new baby. In this comprehensive, 10 week Birth Boot Camp course we will talk about:

  • nutrition during pregnancy and while breastfeeding 
  • how to safely exercise while pregnant 
  • choosing a birth team and location
  • chiropractic care and foam rolling during pregnancy
  • questions to consider when planning for Baby's arrival
  • the physical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery 
  • writing a birth plan
  • how to be a support system for Mom 
  • relaxation exercises
-Your partner will be well prepared! We have a whole class designed just for your supporting arms, but all classes include your partner in order for you both to have fun learning as a team!

I also offer a siblings class where I will visit your home and teach your little ones age-appropriate information about how the baby is growing, what will happen when Mom goes into labor, what to pack in their special birth bag, and how to help Mom after the baby is born. This class is about an hour long and I do bring a baby doll that we can practice holding and caring for! Your child will also receive a siblings workbook where they can work on activities and write down their own special thoughts.

Lastly, I offer a refresher course for those who have already had a natural birth. This class will review nutrition and relaxation, as well as labor and self-care during and after pregnancy. Please contact me for more information or if you have any questions! I'd love to talk with you!

Rachael Bradley, M.Ed., BBCI

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